Corprotect Address

Corprotect, Inc.
Suite 11A 246
35 Manchester Road
Derry, NH 03038
(888) 667-6645
(888) 465-6869


Laurence B. MacCall

Corprotect History

Corprotect, Inc. was founded January 1st 2000, formerly Computer Decisions, Inc. founded in 1986, by Laurence B. MacCall.

With our roots in the hardware engineering side of computing (Digital Design Engineering) we eventually progressed into software development. With our total understanding of the analog and digital computer technologies we are able to offer in-depth knowledge of the entire computer technology arena. This allows us to develop products from the bottom up rather than the top down.

Corprotect is dedicated to providing the highest level of network security available with the minimum of cost. The combination of Open Source technology and the 43 years of experience possessed by Mr. MacCall, Corprotect has produced an extremely reliable cost effective solution to your network security needs.

Included with our high level of expertise in the Firewall security community, Corprotect also has vast experience in VPN technology, layer 2 - 4 Software Load Balancing, network traffic control (network traffic shaping) and is higly dedicated to providing High Availability (system redundancy).