Our Mission

Corprotect, Inc. has dedicated itself to provide the highest level of network intrusion prevention and detection while keeping the overall cost of providing security services to a minimum. We also provide many additional add-ons such as Peer-to-peer VPN connections, Software Load Balancing, network Traffic Control, SPAM protection and Web proxy services. All of these products are found on a single CDROM (or Compact Flash Memory) and require a mimimum of hardware.

Corprotect believes in allowing a Firewall to be a Firewall and ONLY a Firewall. Many companies are deploying IPS, Log Management Systems, etc. into their Firewall solutions. At Corprotect, we believe that these systems/services should be outside the firewall (between the Firewall and your LAN).

IT Budget

The average IT budget for network / data security is now up to 12% for many companies. We at Corprotect feel that this is much higher than necessary and have designed many alternatives to the expensive Security Appliances.

In todays market there are many Open Source security products available that requires a 'co-ordinated' homogeneous interface that can take advantage of these tools and architectures.


Our CEO has been in the computer field for over 43 years and has provided many innovative designs for many companies. Corprotect provides the expertise and experience necessary to provide a simple, fast and inexpensive solution to your IT security and services needs.

Simply Complex

Our design approach is to keep it Simply Complex. This means that we design in a modular fashion keeping each module simple, fast and solid. When all of the modules are combined together they comprise a solution that is hardened, easily maintained and upgradeable.

Security Review

We can provide a Security Review that will comprehensively review the applications, network, servers and services within an organization's environment and identify methods to enhance and improve on the system infrastructure and support. This includes both future and existing infrastructure.

Basic Hardware Requirements

  • A Corprotect CDRFW PC Firewall requires a PC with at least two Network (NIC) cards and 512MB ram.
  • NO associated writable media needs to be accessible from the CPU (no need for a hard drive).
  • System is unharmed after a full power disconnect without any damage to the hardware (no disk corruption, etc.).
  • Boot time must be quick (in relationship to a full blown operating system).
  • System must have access to the internal and/or external network and be able to retrieve the systems runtime configuration requirements from an internal or external secure system via the Intranet or Internet.